Course Descriptions


Apologetics is primarily a theoretical discipline that specifically serves to show unbelievers the truth of the Christian faith, to confirm that faith to believers, and to reveal and explore the connections between Christian doctrine and other truths. Through this course you will be able to defend your faith without fear of questions posed to you, and give rational and logical answers to why you believe what you believe

Blood Covenant

This course is designed to help the student understand the concept and significance of a blood covenant and how it relates to the covenant God has made for us through the sacrifice and blood of Jesus Christ.

Church Government

This course will assist the students in understanding various forms of governmental structure within church denominations.  It will also cover the use of the Gifts of the Spirit and the Five Fold Ministry as it pertains to the church today, along with a clear understanding of the emerging of Apostolic Leadership.

End Time Prophecy

Boot Camp 1

This Course offers a variety of topics which will allow the student an overview of the courses we offer at SMTC.   There are Full individual courses available in each of the topics covered.  Each Area provides powerful teaching on some of the most important aspects of each area.

Daily topics are: Leadership, Spiritual Warfare, Prophecy and Ministry within the Church.

If you don’t know where to begin, this would be a great course to help you find an area of interest.

Christian Family

In this course we will be exploring the foundational requirements for building a solid Christian family based upon biblical truth. Satan knows that if he can divide the family he can minimize the impact God had intended for the family to have in the earth (local communities, cities, regions, provinces, states and the nations). As we look into and meditate in the Word of God, the Holy Spirit will give us the revelation necessary to build the Christian family the way He originally intended for us to be fruitful, multiply and have dominion.  The Five Love Languages will be an important part of this course as well.

Christian Foundations 1 & 2

The purpose of Christian Foundations is to teach the fundamental truths of Christian Doctrine to the believer.  Growth in any aspect of life requires a strong and solid foundation.  This course will help to build such a foundation that will help the believer have a firm footing that is rooted in the Word to live a victorious Christian life, as well as help to defend against erroneous winds of doctrine.

Completing Life’s Purpose

This course will identify the internal and external hindrances to receiving your God-given destiny. It will demonstrate how, through the Word of God and the Holy Spirit, you can take hold of the destiny God has predetermined for you. Intimately knowing God and the plan and purpose He has for you will enable you to walk in this plan every day and see your destiny fulfilled

Counseling Dynamics 1 & 2

These 2 powerful Wagner Leadership Institute courses are a must if you are involved in the ministry of healing the heart.   John Sanford brings powerful truths about what this ministry is and areas of woundedness that are left untouched in our lives, that lead to pain and brokenness as adults.   Some of the topics include What blocks intimacy with God, parental inversion, judgement and bitter root expectancy, the slumbering spirit, and so much more.

Driven By Eternity

Best Selling author, John Bevere speaks about the compelling principles on how to live with hope and assurance that will carry us through to eternity.  Based on principles of 2 Corinthians 5:9-11, John reminds us that all believers will stand before Christ and receive what they have earned in life.


Believers are called to “walk by Faith and not by sight”. This course will focus on building biblical foundations of faith, as well as gaining a deeper revelation of the Author and Finisher of our Faith. He lives in You, and desires to see you walk in ALL He has destined for your life.

Gifts of the Spirit

This is that! The course that you’re going to want to take.  Under the power of the Spirit, Paul said in 1 Corinth. 12 “…now concerning spiritual gifts brethren,  I would not have you to be ignorant…In this class you will receive a walking, talking, working revelation of the gifts of the spirit and their operation in the life of a believer.

 Gospel of John

This course offers an in depth look at the Gospel of John.  John was written from a divine perspective, in which Jesus is portrayed as the Son of God.  John’s apologetic purpose, which is inseparable from his evangelistic purpose, was to convince his readers of Jesus’ true identity. He presents Him as God incarnate, the Messiah, and the Savior of the world. In short, John presents Jesus as the eternal Word, Messiah, and the son of God who, through His death and resurrection, brings the gift of salvation to mankind. People respond by either accepting or rejecting the salvation that comes only through believing in Him.

Healing The Wounded Soul

This course covers sources of wounding as well as, how typical responses to wounding impact your perceptions and how you relate to yourself, others and God.  You will learn principles of healing and freedom and experience the healing they bring as you allow the Holy Spirit to lead you into truth, and working with a facilitator to pray with you after each Session.

Hebrew History

During this course, the student will become familiar with the Old Testament – books and key people.  You will Read major portions of the Old Testament, study the history of the Hebrew people and gain greater understanding of the geography and places in and around Israel.
You will learn how the Old Testament connects with the New Testament and study the covenant God made with Abraham – see it develop through his family for a nation.
The student will be able to  apply lessons of faith of Old Testament men and women to our lives today and will also gain a better understanding about the current Middle East Conflict and connect it to the History people of Israel and explore Biblical prophesies concerning Israel’s future.


Honors Reward

Honor is the essential key to receiving from God and has the power to greatly enhance your life.  For this reason the enemy of our souls has fierclely fought to eliminate it from our modern day mindset and hsa, to a great degree, been successful.  Honor carries with it great rewards, rewards God desires you to have in the here and now.

Kingdom of Power

This course on The Kingdom of Power will reveal what the Kingdom of God is and how it can be manifested in your life to release the supernatural power of God so that His true church can be built on earth.

Leadership 1

This course will outline the various aspects of leadership, what it means to be a christian Leader, both in ministry and the marketplace.

New Testament Survey

This is an introductory survey of the New Testament. Emphasis will be placed on the life of Christ, the expansion of the early church, and the Pauline Epistles. The survey focuses on the over-all message of each book and how they relate to one another in the canon of Scripture. At the end of the course, the student should be able to understand and confidently explain the message of the New Testament as a whole.

Pastoral Care 1

This course will prepare you with powerful tools to effectively care for others.  Topics such as communication,  team leading, pastoral care in the marketplace, cultivating unity and so much more.

Prayer & Intercession

An introduction to a lifetime quest for deeper prayer and intercession.  This course will cover practical applications of prayer, prophetic, fasting, reconciliation, identification etc., from a biblical and personal perspective, to give a balanced view and approach to this inexhaustible subject


In this course, John Bevere teaches how even seemingly impossible situations were never meant to stop you, but to propel you forward in your journey.  Discover in these biblical grounded truths how you can thrive, no matter what your season of life.  How you begin is not nearly as important as how you finish.

Transformation, New Creation Realities

God’s plan is for us to be transformed into the image of God, which is an ongoing process.  This course reveals who we are In Christ as believers, the promises, blessings and rights we have received through the work of Jesus Christ on the cross.  Topics such as justification, righteousness, sanctification and transformation of the mind and walking in the spirit will be discussed.

Transformed for Life

In this course, Donna Parachin brings powerful revelation into areas of our lives such as the Orphan Heart, Healing the Imagination and Identity that will release us into the freedom that Christ desires for us, so that we can be further transformed into His image.


In this course we will study the Biblical texts given Moses concerning the Tabernacle. These scriptures for too long have been neglected and misunderstood. Found in books such as Numbers and Leviticus many Christians overlook these portions and miss the essence of the sacrifice of our Saviour – Jesus Christ.

This course will examine the fulfillment of Christ in the Tabernacle. It will also teach how we can enrich our prayer lives with a deeper understanding of the each article within the Tabernacle and its related sacrifices. We will also look at the book of Hebrews and see how our role as a ‘royal priesthood’ is fashioned after Christ our High Priest and the O.T. priesthood.

Under Cover

There are promises God gives us when we stay under the protection of His authority, both His divine authority and delegated in the family, workplace, and with leaders in every sphere of life. Discover the blessings and freedom you can have as you stay under cover”.